VA, FHA, USDA Appraisals

To our military members, we thank you.

Our certified real estate appraisers are here to help you get qualified to purchase your home through a VA Loan.  Every home purchased with a VA loan must be evaluated by a VA-Certified Appraiser (That’s us).  We take the steps necessary to make sure your appraisal is in accordance with VA guidelines.

The benefits of a home purchased under a VA loan are wonderful.  They include 100 percent financing, flexible credit standards, no private mortgage insurance and low closing costs.  Remember: Fixer-Uppers, farm land, vacation homes and ineligible investment properties are not available for VA financing.

We will determine your home’s fair market value and ensure the home meets the VA’s minimum property guidelines.  Under VA rules, our appraisers ensure the home is safe, sanitary and structurally sound.

Many home buyers are intimidated by VA appraisals.  Don’t be.   The appraisal process isn’t intended to unreasonably raise the bar when it comes to quality in a new or existing house.  It is designed to protect both the VA loan borrower and the government’s investment in your dream home.

At Boggs & Associates, we’re here to make that dream home reality.

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FHA Appraisals

Unrivaled Appraisal Experience

Our experienced real estate appraisers know the ins and outs of FHA guidelines and rules. FHA is not only concerned with the property value but is also concerned with specific aspects such as: handrails on steps, broken windows, lack of screens, evidence of rodent infestation and other safety-related issues.  We check to see if bedrooms have egress in case of a fire, the windows are working, there are smoke detectors present, the health of hot water heaters and furnaces, the presence of asbestos or mold  and other safety priorities.

Under FHA guidelines, the home must be live-able and safe.

Things like lead-based paint, asbestos or windows that don’t meet minimum egress requirements can disqualify a person from receiving an FHA loan.  We’re here to point out any issues, so you will have the opportunity to address them in order to get FHA loan approval.

Under FHA loan guidelines, you may obtain a FHA mortgage loan up to 98.15% of the property appraisal value.

Remember, it’s always a wise move to obtain a home inspection before purchasing.  Often times, the home inspector can point out issues that could disqualify you from receiving the FHA loan.