Home Improvement Appraisals

Improvements that yield a high return on investment, such as an addition of an extra bedroom or bathroom can often boost a home’s appraised value.

Major structural upgrades such as replacement of a worn roof, or stabilization of a crumbling foundation are important to an appraisal because if they are not done, the home’s value suffers.

Receiving a home improvement appraisal is valuable in many ways.

There is a number of factors that can affect an appraisal, and we’ll be here to provide advice on how to increase your home’s value, and we’ll also answer any questions you may have.

Cosmetic upgrades to a home generally do not influence a home appraisal. Unless a home has unusually sturdy or excellent construction, we may not even take these small, decorative touches into account.

Any improvements that are not permanent are usually inconsequential to a home appraisal. Removing a bedroom to expand a closet, or combining two smaller bathrooms into one large one can often hurt an appraisal value.

It’s a good idea to consult us before you take on a home improvement project.  We’ll tell you how it will affect your appraisal value.

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